What science cannot declare, art can suggest; what art suggests silently, poetry speaks aloud; but what poetry fails to explain in words, music can express. - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Greetings of Universal Peace, Love, Justice, and Mercy...

It is with an incredibly light and joyous heart that i write you this letter…

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is anas canon and for the better part of two decades now I’ve poured my soul’s energy into creating and sharing music that impassions the heart and elevates the mind. This commitment has taken me on a journey around the world several times over and allowed me to connect with countless individuals who share my obsession with melody, rhythm, lyric and thoughtful composition.

In 2001 I opened the record label Remarkable Current in order to provide a vehicle for releasing music that i would produce, write, and record with musicians i believed in. Artists who had voices that i felt needed to be heard but didn’t have the means of production necessary to share it with the world. I pooled my technical skills (recording, mixing and mastering), my creative skills (producing, writing, and playing) and spent 10 years in service to that project. With a relentless work ethic and some leaning on my peers in the music industry for support, Remarkable Current bore more fruit than i ever could have hoped for. I want to take this moment to formally thank anyone who ever contributed a single drop of sweat to that endeavor. Without the belief, encouragement, and love received from our fans across the globe we could have never made the impact that we did. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may you be rewarded in kind for sharing your energy with us. The time came in 2012 for me as an artist and as an industry professional to begin to move in some other directions so i slowly disassembled the formal business components of Remarkable Current to make room for what is to come…

photo by  Langston Hues

photo by Langston Hues

Decorative Audio. It is the new home for musical projects that i am passionate about. There are no plans to grow it into a mega-multinational media company. Quite the contrary. It’s a humble home for the recordings i’ll be releasing going forward. My focus for this label is to strip away any part of the creative process that feels contrived, scripted, or ‘professional’. Just me and the artists i love to create with making the records our hearts have always wanted to birth. I have never in my career been more excited to share the music i’ve created with my some old and some new friends. Several of the projects are near completion and others in the early development stages. Most all of the releases will be short (3-5 songs) collaborative pieces and without a doubt the most soulful music i’ve ever been a part of creating. Please visit our new home www.decorativeaudio.com and shoot me a lil letter of encouragement. This effort is meant to be as ‘Do it Yourself’ as possible so if any of you out there feel like helping me ‘Do it” don’t hesitate to be a contributor to this humble movement. It is my deep love for humanity that inspires me to give and it is my sincerest prayer that i am able to offer something worthy of you givin’ a listen to.

All my Love,

anas canon 

"Trying to appreciate new music can be like contemplating a new friendship in that it takes time, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to speed it up. At a neural level, we need to be able to find a few landmarks in order to invoke a cognitive schema. If we hear a piece of radically new music enough times, some of that piece will eventually become encoded in our brains and we will develop landmarks.” - Daniel J. Levitin: This Is Your Brain On Music